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Aqua Flex 5mm Mens

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The AquaFlex jumpsuit line, with super-stretch neoprene, provides the ultimate in comfort and quality. With the full super-stretch neoprene used throughout, plus the liquid-sealed seams, the AquaFlex’s quality stands out amongst

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Aqualung Concept Dive 5.5mm Ladies

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High-density neoprene that allows lots of dives without shrinkage Constructed using double-glued, two-thread blind-stitched seams. All seam junctions on the inside of the suit are sealed by a small patch, offering superior warmth,

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Superzip Ergo Boot


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The SolAfx is Aqua Lung’s most advanced wetsuit, with unique features like an integrated hood and internal arm and leg cuffs. The redesigned SolAfx suit now includes Aqua Lung’s X-Tend cuffs, providing a finished look with maximum

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Reef Cold Water Dive Hood


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The Bali 3mm wetsuit is designed for warm-water diving and its thoughtful features such as the flatlock stitching and V-shaped collar gives it additional comfort. Printed designs and panels help the Bali to resist abrasion and keep

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Fusion Bullet with AirCore Front

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