Cave 1


The RAID cave diver development program is a full technical program for divers using either back mounted twin set or a side mount configuration. Cave 1 teaches you to penetrate to a maximum of 1/3rd of your gas pressure or 300m to a maximum depth of 40m with no decompression.

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Please note that payment of course fees does not guarantee certification. If after the prescribed number of dives, your skills are not at the required minimum, we reserve the right to withhold certification until your skills meet performance requirements. Any additional dives required to complete your training, will be charged for. We also highly recommend that you are a member of Divers Alert Network and have a diving medical prior to the start of your course. Online course fees are for theory only and do not include the fees payable to complete dives necessary for certification.
Also note that gas bills for Nitrox, Oxygen and Helium and CO2 absorbent are at the students cost.