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1st stage T overcompensation diaphragm is ultra modern, but at the same time easy to manage, very reliable and durable. The thickness of the walls has been optimized to greatly reduce its total weight (380 g). A satin chrome coating protects the 1st stage from erosion, wear and tear. The T configuration enables better integration of the first stage in the profile of the valve, and thus greater freedom of movement of the diver’s head. The mechanism works transversally, supplying air and filtering potential particulates coming from the tank that manage to pass through the filter, so that they do not directly affect the valve. The HP saddle is made from AISI316 stainless steel. The saddle composition, much harder than that of the traditional fixed brass ones, prolongs its life. It makes it more resistant to the deformation caused by metal micro particles that can infiltrate from the tank. In addition to that, in case of deterioration it can be substituted during maintenance. Polyurethane valve, very mechanically resistant, both to oils and to hyperoxic mixtures. The mechanism’s hyper-compensation guarantees a light increase in the intermediate pressure as the pressure in the tank decreases. Therefore the regulator delivers the maximum level of performance in the final phases of the dive, which are undoubtedly the most critical. Advanced research on internal air circulation and an exclusive distribution chamber that channels the air volume directly to the LP ports has reduced the minimum pressure drop levels in labored breathing (0.5 bar), guaranteeing high performance in any situation. The T10 can optionally have an  isolation and anti-freeze SC (Sealed Chamber) kit that completely isolates the diaphragm and the spring from contact with the water, making it ideal for use in extremely low temperatures and dirty waters. Highly effective flanged filter inserted without circlip. Effective filtered surface area of 280 mm2 thanks to its special design. 2 HP and 4 LP ports. Provided in INT (yoke) and DIN 300 bar. The threading of the DIN version is in stainless steel instead of brass to guarantee better resistance against drops or bumps.


Ultralight high range 2nd stage with a mixture of semi-flexible sound-absorbing engineering plastics. Pneumatic compensation mechanism to guarantee smooth exceptional flow and abundant calibrated air delivery with no need for an accentuated Venturi effect. Deflector Dive-Predive to manage the Venturi effect. No metal parts to assemble. An elliptical cross-section that enables an included lever arm greater than those of much larger regulators, appearing much smaller and more comfortable. Smaller size, 7.5 x 6 cm, it is much lighter than the compensator models on the market at just 182 g. Over-sized intake diaphragm for smoother breathing, the best of its kind: 2810 mm2, 12% more than the high range models offered by competitors. Contact plate with Teflon coated cam to reduce cam-contact plate friction. Wide angle pivot cam, enhanced to precisely transmit the inhalation effort with minimum friction with the diaphragm disc. Maximum inspiratory effort of less than 4Mbar with total breathing labor of 0.60 Joules/L, four times lower than CEE standards. Flow 2500 l/min. All of the equipment can be easily extracted from the box, which makes maintenance notably simpler. Heat exchanger located inside the casing to prevent the air from freezing when diving in cold waters. Exhalation zone perfected to reduce exhalation effort without undermining the zone’s watertightness, as reducing the thickness of the diaphragm is unnecessary. The design of the diaphragm retention system directs the 100% channeled flow towards the nozzles of the bow, taking advantage of a strong Venturi effect. Also, it works to direct the bubbles away from the diver’s field of vision without the need for an over-sized bow.

A 100% multipurpose jacket for all types of diving, ultra-lightweight (2100 gr.), durable and flexible. Easy to fold. Useful for stowing the jacket, especially when luggage space is limited (e.g. on diving trips). Unlike many other “travel” diving jackets, the stability of the tank underwater is not compromised, thanks to the rigidity of the padding, the double straps and the configuration of the air chamber that guides the tank. The harness with axillary shoulder pads is completely independent of the inflatable area (100% dorsal). This combination provides comfort, freedom of movement and very good buoyancy without sacrificing hydrodynamics, thanks to the containment bungee. Dorsal air chamber with strong lift capacity and containment bungees. This jacket combines light and flexible fabric with great buoyancy. The bungees keep the chamber in place and prevent air displacement while diving, which would cause instability. Shoulder pads with internal seams to prevent chafing, even when diving without a wet suit. Direct System Inflator 2011: attractive, durable and extremely easy to maintain. Double particle filtration system. Weight system L.A.S. : horizontal weight insertion/extraction system for the pockets on the front of the jacket. Cressi believes that managing the weights should be automatic and intuitive, even while wearing the jacket and under challenging conditions (while floating, in rough waters, etc.), and has therefore worked to make insertion as easy as possible. The weights fit perfectly in place. The D-ring located at the pocket opening eases the stress on the fabric and facilitates direct insertion. Combination of 420D Nylon + 3 other fabrics. Pocket can be folded.


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