Compatible with new Optical YS Converter. Housing for Nikon D7100 and D7200 ; Nikon’s topnotch DX-format SLR camera
U/W Housing for Nikon D7100 / D7200

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  • Optical YS Converter/N can be built into the housing

    Compatible with new Optical YS Converter/N1 for MDX housing which converts the camera’s TTL signal to a light signal. Both TTL and manual strobe photography is possible using a Fiber-Optic Cable II.

    * Optical YS Converter details will be announced later.

    TTL mode shown by blue light . (simulated image)

    Manual mode shown by green light. (simulated image)
  • Compatible with both the VF180 1.2x and VF45 1.2x viewfinders

    By attaching the VF180 (#46112) or the VF45 prism viewfinders (#46111) (magnification ratio of 1.2x) to the housing, the magnification increases by 1.2x and entire field of view can be seen at the same time. Recommended for users committed to strict composition and focusing.

    * You may encounter some difficulties to access the delete button function if VF45 1.2x is installed on the housing. To avoid this problem, manufacturer suggests using VF180 1.2x instead.

    With the VF180 1.2x mounted

    With the VF45 1.2x mounted
  • Port can be replaced without opening the housing
    Port lock can be now activated from outside the housing. The housing is also equipped with a ‘lens-lock release’ button which allows the lens to be replaced without opening the housing. The port lock can also be activated from inside like previous SEA&SEA housings.