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our team

Hein Potgieter

After starting his diving with PADI and becoming a Divemaster, Hein decided to cross over to RAID and became a RAID open circuit scuba instructor in January 2015. Always enjoying the variety diving has to offer, Hein is a Deco 50 and Cave 1 diver as well.

Hein can teach various specialities including sidemount and Deep 40 Trimix and is a Divemaster and Deco 40 instructor. Owning a dive centre has been a dream which is now fulfilled.

Cameron Celliers

While doing his RAID OW20 course in 2015 at the age of 16, it immediately became clear that this could be a great career choice. Following many dives and training courses, Cameron became a RAID open circuit scuba instructor in January 2018.

He has not stopped there, and is now able to teach up to Deep 40 including Master Rescue as well as specialities including Nitrox and Sidemount diving with more to follow soon. He is now a Deco 40 Certified trimix diver looking to complete his Deco 50 with both Cave 1 and Cave 2 as well.

PJ Prinsloo

After working as a commercial diver in the cold waters of Cape Town, PJ decided to try his hand at recreational diving, and by the end of 1996 he was certified as a PADI diving Instructor.

By the end of 2008 PJ had certified as a TDI Instructor Trainer and Examiner. During the following years, he focused 90% of his time on technical training, including cave, deep trimix and rebreather diving.

PJ has been involved in a number of deep wreck expeditions in South Africa and Egypt and has dived the deep canyons off South Africa’s east coast in search of the elusive Coelacanth.

In 2016 PJ became the first Divesoft Liberty Rebreather Instructor Trainer in the region and has authored the RAID Liberty materials for both back mount and sidemount units. In addition, he assists RAID HQ consulting and helping review new program materials.

In March 2017, he joined RAID and took on the position of Technical Diving Director for RAID Southern Africa.

PJ is certified to teach at all levels, recreational and technical open circuit, recreational and technical rebreather, cave, wreck and sidemount.

Rudi Herbst

The latest member of our professional team, Rudi, started with us as a very experienced recreational diver in 2017. He crossed over to RAID by doing his Master Rescue course with SCUBAtech and continued by doing a Deep 40 Trimix update and has recently certified as a RAID divemaster and  currently continuing his training to Try Dive instructor.